Mercedes Benz Suspension Tuning, A Quick History

July 25, 2014 – 02:14 pm
John Olson Mercedes Benz Sport SpringsAll suspension systems are a compromise in the quest for good handling and a pleasant ride. Early 1950s Mercedes 300 sedans included an electrically activated torsion bar to keep the rear level regardless of ‘payload’. 1960s solutions became a bit more sophisticated. The leveling devise became hydraulic — mounted over low pivot,swinging rear axles. The 1960s also brought Mercedes-Benz‘s first full-fledged air suspension with no springs under the car. This used to spook mechanics,but compared to today’s cars 1960s models are a walk in the park,deserving mileposts in the history of suspension technology.

Springs have advanced too. Most significant has been wide adoption during the 1980s of progressive rate springs. This is a great example of less-is-more: only one part accomplishing a friendly ride on the boulevard while becoming firmer as the spring gets more compressed. This is made possible by asymmetrical coils: measuring from the center,one half of each spring has more loops than the other half. More loops require more wire. The longer the wire,the less its strength. The softest portion compresses first becoming stiffer as the middle and other end get compressed.

Mercedes Sport-Spring

Source: SL Market Letter

Need help tuning eclipse through aem brand ems

2010-03-22 05:00:06 by tattooed22

Hello everyone my name is justin,
i own a 95 mitsubishi eclipse that has a 94 4g63t 6 bolt engine that been built by a shop that closed down sometime ago named hybrid dynamics.
this car with a mild tune put out 450hp at the wheels.
its running at 20 psi now and has a few issues such as high idle 3k average. header bolts like to come loose. and the fuel pump is running off a toggle switch. and the fans are wired to always run. i need help with these minor issues.
and i'm looking for some who knows alot about using a stand alone ems so we can tune this car right. i never used this aem ems and its chinese to me so if i can pay someone who understands how to read all...

Engine shakes upon gas, CheckEng light on,drive?

2004-05-02 11:56:58 by 1996_Eclipse_GS

This morning when I started my 96 mitsubishi eclipse the engine started shaking. It shakes the most when just a little bit of gas is applied (1000-2000 rpm). It's not really "knocking" but more on the Richter scale so I describe it as "shaking". I tried gunning the engine to clear the fuel injectors but that didn't help.
The "Check Engine" light came on.
87k miles, had the timing belt and spark plugs & wires changed 15 months ago at 72k miles. But maybe it needs *another* tune up? (Or maybe it's something worse?)
Anyways, would it be OK to drive a few miles on it, or should I lay off it completely until I can get it to a repair shop? (And any recommendations in the Berkeley or El Cerrito area?)

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