Honda S2000 sports car classic rear-wheel drive

December 1, 2011 – 12:28 pm
Mazda says it will Honda in April 1999 released S2000, it is a rear-drive two-seater sports car. Ten years later, as the world economic downturn, the company decided to stop the vehicle, the production line is scheduled to close in June 2009. To commemorate this car, I decided to drive what the final version, which launched in October 2007 S2000TypeS.
Type S S2000 series based on the most improved since the birth of the late models. The main improvement is that the content engine with 2.2 liters instead of the 2.0-liter engine, its maximum speed of 9000 rpm from the previous reduced to 8000 rpm, the benefits of doing so is to increase the engine output torque in the speed zone. The purpose of the development TypeS excellent aerodynamics through design and optimized chassis tuning to get the straight-line performance and cornering performance and progress in two areas.
The car's cabin space for the pure sports car is enough. Shape sitting on the bucket seats are fitted, turn the key power, and press the start button, then start the engine roar. Red with a black canvas roof of the car on the streets in the city quietly launched. While sitting very low, but the vision will not adversely affect driving. Gear lever is very short, stiff feel when shifting, but as long as the shift of the

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A used Acura NSX or Posche 911

2003-09-28 15:08:28 by Kozmo

If you need new:
THe WRX & Mits EVO are fast and AWD, but they are not pure sports cars.
Go and test drive and see what you like.
Do you like speed? accelleration? whiping through the twisties?
I guess I would pick a different car for most situations.
You want to drag race - anything with a big/built motor should do.
You drive in winter/snow? WRX or EVO.
You like to whip around tight corners and 2 lane country roads? Toyota MR2 SPyder - this car is very light weight and nimble, with only 140hp, but with the light weight, you do not need much. TH elight weight is a huge factor for taking corners, not much better out ther than the MR2 SPyder.
Like more speed and decent cornering?

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