Pagani Zonda Roadster F C12S 7.3, Clubsport version

March 3, 2014 – 12:34 pm
PAGANI, the brand behind the award-winning Zonda C 12 S supercar, unveiled on March 4th 2003 at the Geneva Auto Show his last creation: Zonda Roadster. To be produced in a strictly limited edition of 40 completely made-to-measure cars, the Zonda Roadster reflects PAGANI's philosophy: marrying the most innovative technology to the loving care of the "artigiano" handwork.
The new Zonda Roadster has been designed around truly innovative technology ideas with special care to given to safety.
- the new carbon fiber central chassis structure features high structural rigidity level: 18.000 Nm/degree in torsional rigidity, 9.000 N/mm in flexional rigidity, for a dry weight of 1280 Kg;
- the roll bar, elliptical in section, is built out of carbon and chrome-molybdene alloy and is linked to the rear section of the chassis through a finely handworked Ergal element; - the full-carbon body shows a new engine hood configuration, and a new front hood design where two NACA air vents work as air extractors; - the 7.3 Mercedes Benz AMG engine transmits its 555HP/750Nm power and it is controlled

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You just dont get it.

2008-06-23 13:10:21 by Ag4O4

So what if Tesla Motors is selling 200K $ luxury electric cars ? GM isn't a niche business.
They were not testing their electric car models for the purpose of selling a couple hundred of them.
GM isn't set up for that kind of low volume high price production, and it makes no sense to judge them by that standard, yet this is exactly what you and everybody else is doing in this thread.
So, no, at the time the model was NOT profitable for GM. They had decided before limited production runs what kind of numbers they'd need to see for the technology of the time to be viable. It wasn't, not even close, there were too many problems with the original design, the battery technology of the time, and GM's minimal supply-chain requirements.
"The largest expense to GM was in...

Thats what they said about the Prius

2010-07-30 12:10:27 by DesibabaChuhaHai

The Tesla Roadster is over a 100K and has a massive backlog, they can't make enough of them.
I think the Chevy Volt is a great start.
BTW, if you look at GM's numbers recently they seem to be coming back, although selling more stuff in China than US. I think this is great stuff.

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