New 08 M5 owner just arrived!

October 28, 2013 – 05:03 am
I just picked up my 2008 M5 in Sapphire Black last Saturday and finally have the chance to introduce myself. My previous car before the switch was a 2011 Subaru Sti that made 320whp/370wtq. Quite a rocket in corners but fell flat on it's face once you got into 4th gear. I'm sure you guys are wonder why the switch? I just have been a fan of the e60 M5's since the ring taxi on youtube:) Plus who doesn't enjoy the sound of a V10? I look forward to a great forum!
Enough talk i'll leave some pictures for you guys!
Lastly, the old beauty!

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On global warming. Not that you'll care:

2007-02-03 16:00:26 by Pidgin

At any rate, Kyoto -- despite the way it has been misrepresented in the press -- could never pass even when the Democrats were in charge, and wouldn't make much difference even if the U.S. was a party, and if Europe wasn't engaged in rampant cheating. ("In truth, Europe's CO2 emissions are rising twice as fast as those of the U.S. since Kyoto, three times as fast since 2000. ") The fastest-growing producers of CO2 are in Asia, and won't slow their economic growth significantly in order to fight the greenhouse effect -- and they would have difficulty in doing so even if they wanted to. Short of Bush nuking the Saudi and Iranian oil fields (defunding terrorism and stopping global warming in one blow!) no single change we can make is going to make a big difference. I'm all for more...

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Fast & Furious 6, primo trailer  —
Il primo trailer ufficiale del prossimo Fast & Furious 6 è andato in onda in USA sabato scorso durante il Super Bowl XVLII. Le riprese del film sono state effettuate ... ragazze e..mezzi militari! Tra i modelli impiegati: Lotus Elise, BMW Serie 5 ...

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