Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 EVO 2005 2006 2007 Workshop Service Repair Manual

August 23, 2012 – 05:22 pm
Auto Collision Repair This can be the Same Specific Guide Employed by Technicians Within the Dealerships To Support, Repair, Manage And Diagnose Your Automobile. This Guide Is made up of A lot more than Generic Mend Information! That is a Automobile Specific Provider Service Handbook.
Complete Step-By-Step Guidance, Diagram's, Illustration's, Wiring Schematics, And Requirements To Thoroughly Repair Your Car or truck With no trouble! So you Can do It By yourself (Do it yourself)
You can get All the things You

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Source: Nissan Service Repair Manual

Engine shakes upon gas, CheckEng light on,drive?

2004-05-02 11:56:58 by 1996_Eclipse_GS

This morning when I started my 96 mitsubishi eclipse the engine started shaking. It shakes the most when just a little bit of gas is applied (1000-2000 rpm). It's not really "knocking" but more on the Richter scale so I describe it as "shaking". I tried gunning the engine to clear the fuel injectors but that didn't help.
The "Check Engine" light came on.
87k miles, had the timing belt and spark plugs & wires changed 15 months ago at 72k miles. But maybe it needs *another* tune up? (Or maybe it's something worse?)
Anyways, would it be OK to drive a few miles on it, or should I lay off it completely until I can get it to a repair shop? (And any recommendations in the...

Read this review...

2007-07-23 14:33:02 by Cactus_Pete

Lots of good pros and cons. Pro's, reliable and good handling... Con's a little slow, cramped and noisy. This review also has the average repair costs of the Celica.
Consumer Guide® Road-Test Evaluation
Agile handling and grippy cornering are the big Celica bonuses, augmented by sharp, responsive steering. The penalty is engines that must rev madly to achieve top performance. That requires a heavy throttle foot with automatic, or a lot of manual shifting--a pleasant task with the short-throw gearbox. Even so, only the 6-speed GT-S comes close to being lively when pushing on the gas pedal. A GT coupe with automatic is sluggish on long upgrades, if adequate otherwise. A manual-shift GT-S averaged 24.2 mpg, but demands premium fuel. High rpm translates to plenty of noise except...

I have a mitsubishi eclipse spyder...sigh

2006-10-11 09:13:01 by 2ndselfusa

Am having overheating problems....I read thru about 90% of the posts here having to do with I'm doing my homework...we had it into a repair shop and they replaced the thermostat ($100 whole bill) and that didn't cure it. Now I'm looking into the fuses...a mere $7.99 apiece thru Napa...waiting on shipment. Is there a way, using a voltmeter (my neighbor has one) to test the fuses?
Also how exactly does one check out the fan? Is it turn on the a.c. and it will come on, and if it doesn't?
Any advice would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.

Need A/C fix for car

2009-06-23 08:42:01 by chihappy

I have Mitsubishi eclipse '99, ...a/c doesn't blow out cool air. put freezeon in but work for only few days. i dont want to take it to auto repair shop cause i'm afraid they'll try to rip me off. please anyone can help to refer me to a trustful place. thanks much.

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