More about Tesla RoadsterSeptember 15, 2016 – 12:03 am

More about Tesla Roadster

You made one correct statement. On a BTU basis there are 36kwh worth of energy in a gallon of gasoline. But, the ICE is not very efficient, on average about 25%. So, 75% of those BTUs are wasted as heat. An ICE will deliver the equivalent of 9 kWh of mechanical energy from a gallon of gasoline. On the other hand, an electric motor is over 92% efficient. Your comparison on a kWh basis is apples and oranges without considering efficiency. FYI - The…

Information about Nissan 370Z RoadsterSeptember 7, 2016 – 11:59 pm

Information about Nissan 370Z Roadster

NISSAN. 2013 370Z ROADSTER. 2013 Nissan 370Z Roadster. The 370Z Roadster is the drop-top version of the well-rounded 370Z sports coupe.

More about Mercedes SLAugust 24, 2016 – 11:47 pm

More about Mercedes SL

Fill me in. It s a 79 280? SL, it s a greey market car, it s an inline six. I don t know jack fucking shit about Benz, nada. So I only know about twice what most know, lol. It s got a stopped up strainer in the tank, and the tank is between the seat and trunk. I can t figure out how I m supposed to remove the plastic evap tank above it, under the package shelf more or less, less actually, but where it would be if there was a package shelf which this…

Buy in europe Audi TT RoadsterAugust 3, 2016 – 11:15 pm

Buy in europe Audi TT Roadster

With an aim to cross 8 units annual sales this year, Audi India is expanding its product portfolio & Hence company is planning to launch 4 models this year. Starting with a TT Roadster next month followed by a Q3 SUV in Second quater & later on followed by an all new A4 & S6 sedans in the year end. According to a report by Europe Autonews Audi India is likely to introduce the TT Roadster in the Indian market next month. TT…

Buy in europe MG FJuly 27, 2016 – 11:06 pm

Buy in europe MG F

MGF 1996- '05 Catalogue. The contents of our current catalogue are available for download as Adobe PDF files. They may be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. MGF · Triumph TR2-4A · Triumph TR5-6-250. I would like to receive emails from Moss Europe, Ltd. Select the catalog you would like to request from the.

Technical information about BMW Z4July 20, 2016 – 11:01 pm

Technical information about BMW Z4

BMW Motorsport and BMW Team RLL have unveiled the new BMW Z4 GTE for the 2013 American Le Mans Series today at Daytona International Speedway . Along with the new car driver pairings were also announced with Bill Auberlen and Maxime Martin taking on driving duties in the #55 car. Dirk Mller takes lead role in the #56 car with Joey Hand and John Edwards sharing the second slot throughout the season. With Hand participating in a full DTM season, Edwards…

Hints for owners of Mercedes CLK GTRJuly 13, 2016 – 10:57 pm

Hints for owners of Mercedes CLK GTR

A Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR has gone up for sale in Florida. The 2 road car was modified for the Le Mans 24-Hour Endurance Race. In total, the belief is that only six roadster and 16 coupe models were produced from 2 to 2002.  This particular silver on red vehicle is on sale at Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale. If you are looking for a supercar with low miles, this one only has 1492, and a powerful drivetrain, 7.3-liter, V12 good for 655-hp and 580-lb/ft…

Tune Morgan RoadsterJune 29, 2016 – 10:40 pm

Tune Morgan Roadster

The Morgan Roadster is the latest model produced by the Morgan Motor Company. Any single or two-tone combinations from the ICI Autocolour range is.

Speed drive BMW Z3May 25, 2016 – 10:25 pm

Speed drive BMW Z3

Share This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below. Q car year: 1997 car model: 740iL Hi Otto, I have been watching your videos on YouTube very help full. I have a question what does this mean (trans failsafe prog) can you help me Thank you very much for your time A BMW has been using electronically controlled automatic transmissions in most models since the late ’80s.  These transmission systems employ a transmission…

Technical information about Chrysler CrossfireMay 11, 2016 – 10:24 pm

Technical information about Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive sports car marketed by Chrysler as both. Chrysler Crossfire. Manufacturer; Chrysler. Production; 2003–2007. Chrysler Crossfire and SRT-6 general information and car review. The Crossfire, introduced in 2004 (with a roadster and SRT-6 version appearing in 2005).