Buying CorvetteMay 21, 2011 – 06:18 am

Buying Corvette

Shopping for your favorite Corvette just got a whole lot simpler and faster too. No need to drive around for miles in search of the best and the latest in Corvette accessories and spare parts. Whether you’re looking for brand new Corvette tires or a new seat cover or the latest designs in Corvette wheels , you can now find them all online. Yes, just a simple click of your mouse is all that you need to let you shop for all the Corvette parts and accessories…

Drive Morgan RoadsterMarch 3, 2013 – 02:43 am

Drive Morgan Roadster

I was taking the Morgan Roadster up the 405 to its next assignment when I had a revelation: I was driving a perfectly usable automobile. It would take a masochistic leaning to drive your Morgan every day, but nevertheless the Roadster is a surprisingly docile companion.

Technical details of Chrysler CrossfireMarch 3, 2013 – 02:42 am

Technical details of Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive sports car marketed by Chrysler as. a b c "2006 Chrysler Crossfire Specifications" . Chrysler. pp. 10=13. Chrysler Crossfire Specifications. new car price quote. Featured Chrysler Crossfire Specification. 2008 Chrysler Crossfire.

Experience Mercedes CLK GTRMarch 3, 2013 – 02:42 am

Experience Mercedes CLK GTR

The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is a sports car and race car that was built by. To test the CLK GTR before the first chassis were built, Mercedes-AMG actually. The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is a sports car from the German automaker and with racing characteristics. Mercedes-AMG, the motorsport wing of the Mercedes-Benz.

Drive Opel GTMarch 3, 2013 – 02:42 am

Drive Opel GT

The Opel GT used a steel unibody and a conventional front-engined, rear-wheel drive layout. The Cam-In-Head (CIH) engine was mounted far back in the chassis. Curbside Classic: 1968 Opel GT: Jutta's Daily Driver. BY. LONGROOFFAN. – POSTED ON MAY 26, 2011. Earlier this week I was visiting my specialty fastener.

Tuning of BMW Z3March 3, 2013 – 02:42 am

Tuning of BMW Z3

Forum · Bimmerforums UK - BMW Car Forums · BMW Z Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW Z cars Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8 and Z9; 1998 2.8 Z3 engine tuning. Notices.

Technical details of Audi TT RoadsterMarch 3, 2013 – 01:27 am

Technical details of Audi TT Roadster

Specifications, Pricing and CO2 · Request a test drive · Build your TT Roadster. CLICK AND DRAG THE CAR TO ROTATE. Arrange a test drive · Request a brochure. TT Roadster · 360° views · Multimedia experience · Equipment · Design · Engines · Efficiency · Technical data · Dimensions · Brochures and catalogues ·…

Technical information about Porsche BoxsterFebruary 28, 2013 – 09:40 pm

Technical information about Porsche Boxster

Hi, Has anyone disabled their airbags using a Durametric and had the unfortunate opportunity to test whether or not they were actually disabled and didn’t fire in a crash? The reason I ask is that I purchased a Durametric Professional for the sole reason of turning off the passenger airbags, so that I could chauffeur my little one around. It seemed a better way to spend 500 than purchasing the disable switch (I have a 2005 987, so it doesn’t have…

Hints for owners of BMW Z8February 11, 2013 – 12:03 am

Hints for owners of BMW Z8

Can you guess what car posted the fastest 60-130 time on DragTimes s website? I ll give you a hint. His slower of two runs was 3.0 seconds, yes 3.0 seconds, and it s not German (or Italian) built. The better run was 2.5 seconds and the car isa Plymouth! Yes, a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner! Happens to have a 426 turbo Hemi but check out the picture on the DragTimes site (Drag Racing 1/4 Mile times 0-60 Dyno Fast Cars Muscle Cars - and believe…

Technical details of Ford StreetKaMarch 3, 2013 – 01:25 am

Technical details of Ford StreetKa

Cars > Car Specifications > FORD STREETKA Specifications. STREETKA ROADSTER SPECIAL EDS (03 - 06). 1.6i Winter Edition 2dr. With 416 used Ford Streetka cars available on Auto Trader,. Browse the widest choice of used and new Ford Streetka cars or find a Ford car dealer today.