Race CorvetteMarch 3, 2013 – 03:06 am

Race Corvette

Look - the multy shed system (3 and counting actualy) is in place; next big issue(via going back in time cults - which do repeat, and general analysis) what comes after husseral - hoonest: someoptions: movies musical ike camus sarttre celine early si jackson on the sartre issue(don t touch that rted button-aru!) ego..idsuper idok? Look - highrollers: wow..royaltydo they study hegal and husseral..yea..memorise it (how we kill em sometimeswon t let…

Race Dodge ViperAugust 13, 2012 – 07:01 pm

Race Dodge Viper

Between building a majority of the DC/MD/VA area Supra’s, ISP has been working on a SPEC 97 Dodge Viper. This car is certainly going to put down some impressive power when all is said and done. Engine 2001 engine with 97 spec rods and pistons 2001 camshaft ARP head studs Clevite bearings ATI crank damper everything else stock Fuel System Triple Walbro fuel pumps 1CC Injectors AEM injector driver box Turbo Kit ISP racing tubular manifold…

Sell in europe Mazda MX-5March 3, 2013 – 03:06 am

Sell in europe Mazda MX-5

Red Mazda MX5 1.6L 1997 R Reg. Has had recent radiator, clutch, brake pads and discs,. ideal for the coming Summer. Previously sold by ourselves in …. So it's more than normal that BBC's Top Gear took a Mazda MX-5 for a quick. off the assembly line in Hiroshima and will go on sale in Europe this fall.

History of Lotus EliseMarch 3, 2013 – 03:05 am

History of Lotus Elise

[edit] History. The company was formed as Lotus Engineering Ltd. by engineers. Lotus Elise: The Elise started in 1996 and weighed 725 kg (1598 lb). The Lotus Elise is a two seat, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined roadster conceived in early. Lotus Elise. Manufacturer; Lotus Cars. Production; 1996–present.

Buy in europe Nissan 350ZMarch 3, 2013 – 03:05 am

Buy in europe Nissan 350Z

European 350Z vs. US 350Z. I'm moving to Germany at the end of the year and am. should take into consideration when buying the car would be very helpful!. Sadly Selling my 350z as I'm now looking to buy my first property. spec is as follows 2007 Rev up 53 miles grey Full nissan service history Full uk car.

Sell in europe CorvetteFebruary 7, 2013 – 01:37 pm

Sell in europe Corvette

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible will make its world debut on March 5 at the Geneva Motor Show. It s fitting to introduce the new Stingray convertible on the global stage at Geneva because Corvette is the face of Chevrolet the world over,said Susan Docherty, president and managing director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe. It is an icon that has long been recognized and admired even in countries where it s never officially been offered…

More about Toyota MR2March 3, 2013 – 03:04 am

More about Toyota MR2

Now I m sure there are people out there that have domestics and say What about our cars? Well frankly I m not very convinced that domestics can turn very well. That being said, I m no drift junkie. So my current vehicle is a 2 Acura Integra and I hate it. The engine sucks, the whole car is heavy, wrong wheel drive, etc etc. Therefore I m looking for a car that is more capable all-around in terms of performance. The cars I m looking at right now…

Repair Opel GTMarch 3, 2013 – 03:04 am

Repair Opel GT

I found a lot of information on specialised Opel GT internet forums in Germany and USA. This helped me a lot to do the proper repairs on several issues I. All vehicles have their idiosyncrasies -- the Opel GT is no exception -- but with specific attention and repairs, including use of OMC tech tips.

All about Nissan 370Z RoadsterMarch 3, 2013 – 03:04 am

All about Nissan 370Z Roadster

All. 2012 Versa Hatchback. Starting from $14670*. 2013 Versa Sedan. Starting from $11990*. 2012 Altima Coupe. Starting from $24040*. 2012 Nissan LEAF®. All. 2012 Versa Hatchback. Starting from $14670*. 2013 Versa Sedan. Starting from $11990*. 2013 Altima Coupe. Starting from $25230*. 2012 Altima Coupe.

Concept of Mercedes CLK GTRMarch 3, 2013 – 03:03 am

Concept of Mercedes CLK GTR

The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is a sports car and race car that was built by. To test the CLK GTR before the first chassis were built, Mercedes-AMG actually. The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is a sports car from the German automaker and with racing characteristics. Mercedes-AMG, the motorsport wing of the Mercedes-Benz.