Characteristics of Pontiac SolsticeSeptember 9, 2014 – 09:02 pm

Characteristics of Pontiac Solstice

Several second childhood coming unleashing the Solstice roadster, Pontiac is following up ensconce a hardtop fastback rework of the vehicle called the Solstice Coupe Concept. Inspired by the Solstice hardtop concept that wowed the crowds at the 2002 Detroit auto shine and foreshadowed the roadsters fame, the Solstice Coupe should develop at dealerships control early 2009. Smuggle the Solstice designed because a variable from the ground up, matchless…

Drive Lotus EliseAugust 29, 2014 – 07:57 pm

Drive Lotus Elise

The achilles heel of the Elise/Exige S2 Tyoyota 2ZZ powertrain is the C60 transmission; specifically 3rd and 4th gears being the cause of much frustration on race and road cars alike! Simply Sports Cars have addressed this issue with their uprated gear kits which are a thicker helical cut for added strength, and feature altered torque vectoring to reduce the internal loadings which contribute to premature failure. This kit will cope with up to 400Nm…

More about CorvetteAugust 21, 2014 – 06:46 pm

More about Corvette

Okay, so for the past six months, my forty-one year old husband has been going through a major mid life crisis, but not the kind where you buy a Corvette and start dating strippers. It s the kind where he keeps freaking out that we re going to end up as Walmart greeters because we don t have like $5 million saved up in the bank. He works in entertainment, so lots of our friends and colleagues do have $5 million (or much much more) in the bank. He…

Sport tuning of Daihatsu CopenAugust 19, 2014 – 06:10 pm

Sport tuning of Daihatsu Copen

02.6 Daihatsu Copen L880K - SHOWA TUNING suspension kit SPORTS V0311-10B-30. Domestic Cars; showa-sp004. Regular Price: US$846.68 You save 22%.

Buy in europe Mercedes SLAugust 15, 2014 – 05:49 pm

Buy in europe Mercedes SL

European Delivery Program. Experience your new Mercedes-Benz at its birthplace. Weighing 3950 pounds, according to Mercedes, the new SL is about 270 pounds. 500, which is how the car is badged in Europe because the old SL500 is so.

Driving Nissan 350ZAugust 12, 2014 – 05:28 pm

Driving Nissan 350Z

I used to sell infiniti s in a group of dealerships that sell the nissan brand familys. In terms of raw performance, the nissan is a small notch above the G35 coupe in all areas and on the race track, it would be the hands-down winner. However, in normal driving, the Z is much harder to live with. It doesn t take bumps well, the cockpit is much more cramped, the seats aren t comfortable for long trips, and the build quality and reliability of the…

Sport tuning of BMW Z4August 11, 2014 – 05:25 pm

Sport tuning of BMW Z4

BMW Z4 Tuning & Styling Pictures (33). Modified BMW · Modified BMW Z4 GTE (ALMS) 2013 Pictures. BMW Z4 3.0Si Sport 2005 Pictures · Modified BMW. Chiptuners SKN have released a complete tuning program to the BMW Z4 suitable. since the chassis of the sports convertible already has a heck of a lot of.

Repairing Fiat BarchettaAugust 1, 2014 – 03:29 pm

Repairing Fiat Barchetta

FIAT ORIGINAL EXHAUST; System description only; Ian Barnett. FLUIDS / LUBRICANTS.

Tune Mitsubishi EclipseJuly 25, 2014 – 02:14 pm

Tune Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hello everyone my name is justin, i own a 95 mitsubishi eclipse that has a 94 4g63t 6 bolt engine that been built by a shop that closed down sometime ago named hybrid dynamics. this car with a mild tune put out 450hp at the wheels. its running at 20 psi now and has a few issues such as high idle 3k average. header bolts like to come loose. and the fuel pump is running off a toggle switch. and the fans are wired to always run. i need help with these…

Sport tuning of Fiat BarchettaJuly 23, 2014 – 01:25 pm

Sport tuning of Fiat Barchetta

»fiat tuning shop. »barchetta. fiat barchetta. fiat barchetta 1.8 16v tuning · fiat 500 NEU tuning · fiat barchetta tuning · fiat bravo/brava tuning. fiat barchetta tuning. Are You Looking For ? of gear shifting nob (first in class) is superb.. it gives you the feeling of driving an SUV or sport car.