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September 15, 2016 – 12:03 am


Shooting action packed driving scenes requires a fast ride for the camera crew as well as the hero. But sheer speed is not always enough for the perfect shot. A smooth ride on uneven surfaces is also pretty high on the priority list. For that reason, BBC's Top Gear is using a Range Rover. Jeremy Clarkson had this to say about filming the races:
"A lot of people ask how we film these races, and whether they’re fixed. Well, let me say here and now, in print, they’re not. I follow a Range Rover tracking car, and we really don’t pull over for anything except fuel. In the drive to Oslo, the camera man spent 24 hours in the boot and had to relieve himself in a bottle because there was no time to stop."

Well done to that cameraman, but which camera car would you pee in a bottle for?

Photo credit: Filmo-USA

Source: Jalopnik

A minor "fact" correction.

2010-03-31 04:59:20 by CamelLights

Your “facts” are slightly mis-construed.
First on electric generation capacity. This country is currently using virtually all of it’s generation capacity (indeed no one is going to pay to build, or operate an idle generation plant). We have slightly more than 1,000,000 megawatts of nameplate generation capacity. Of that 20% is expensive peaking plant capacity. Of the rest, allowing for maintenance and repair about 550,000 megawatts are available at any one time. Our total actual on-line generation capacity is 396 Million-megawatt hours per month. In Oct 2009 for example, we used 351 Million Megawatt hours of that.
But, the “stumbling point” is the local distribution infrastructure (the wires and switchyards that supply your home). In most places it was designed for much less...

Study:1 in 4 Consumers Considering a Plug-In Car

2010-03-26 05:50:05 by -

Excerpts from:
Consumer Reports surveyed 1,752 American adults and 26 percent of them said they likely would consider a plug-in car of some kind next time they’re in the market for new wheels. Seven percent said they are “very likely” to consider one. On the other hand, 72 percent said they are unlikely to contemplate getting one.
Still, one in four is a respectable figure for a technology still in its infancy, and EV advocates say it bodes well for the success of cars like the Nissan Leaf EV, Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric vehicle and the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.
The cost of the technology has always been one of the biggest barriers to its acceptance, and it all comes down to the batteries. They’re expensive — really expensive....

More from TM site:

2012-02-25 09:38:11 by --

Yesterday's outrageous attack on electric vehicles didn't come from the GOP (for a change), but from a seemingly disinterested blogger, one Michael Degusta. His charges against Tesla include suggesting that its cars will have "eventual, inevitable, catastrophic battery failure," lambasting the company for poor warranty service, accusing Tesla of tracking its owners without consent, and intimating that the company is not only failing to provide owners with proper notice of this phenomenon but also covering up the whole sordid affair. Serious stuff, this post of his that's rippled through the automotive web with the force of a 185-kW electric motor.
Yet all may not be what it seems. Late yesterday, an e-mail surfaced on Green Car Reports, in which a disgruntled owner who bricked his...

Your math is just a tad bit off...

2010-03-30 20:32:14 by CamelLights

You made one correct statement. On a BTU basis there are 36kwh worth of energy in a gallon
of gasoline. But, the ICE is not very efficient, on average about 25%. So, 75% of those
BTUs are wasted as heat. An ICE will deliver the equivalent of 9 kWh of mechanical
energy from a gallon of gasoline. On the other hand, an electric motor is over 92% efficient. Your comparison on a kWh basis is apples and oranges without considering efficiency.
FYI - The Chevy Volt uses .237 kWh per mile in electric mode. The Tesla Roadster uses .217 kWh per mile. In the Tesla a 45 kWh charge is good for nearly 200 miles.
As to the CO2 Greenhouse gasses. There is no current way to control CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. All we can do is sequester them after the fact....

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