Show Us The Best Camera Cars Out There

February 11, 2013 – 06:59 pm


Shooting action packed driving scenes requires a fast ride for the camera crew as well as the hero. But sheer speed is not always enough for the perfect shot. A smooth ride on uneven surfaces is also pretty high on the priority list. For that reason, BBC's Top Gear is using a Range Rover. Jeremy Clarkson had this to say about filming the races:
"A lot of people ask how we film these races, and whether they’re fixed. Well, let me say here and now, in print, they’re not. I follow a Range Rover tracking car, and we really don’t pull over for anything except fuel. In the drive to Oslo, the camera man spent 24 hours in the boot and had to relieve himself in a bottle because there was no time to stop."

Well done to that cameraman, but which camera car would you pee in a bottle for?

Photo credit: Filmo-USA

Source: Jalopnik

This week's rob brezny

2001-09-12 12:28:52 by zk

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Newsletter
Believes that
SEPTEMBER 12, 2001
Dearly Beloveds,
In the wake of Tuesday's painful break in our collective trance, I
make the following pledges:
o I will feel every feeling that surges through me without
jumping to conclusions about what it means or how I should act
on it.
o I will pray to our Spiritual Allies, seeking their inspiration
and guidance in finding the redemptions that are seeded in the
o I will lend my strength and love to the thousands of souls who
have so suddenly had to make the transition from this earthly
realm to the other side of the veil.
o I...

The Saturn Effect

2009-09-16 23:08:05 by -1-

The days from September 15th to September 17th are going to be challenging for many signs.
This past September 12th, you may get the impression that this may not be the best week of your life as well when Saturn opposes Neptune in the sky. Communication is going to be foggy at a best and downright painful at its worst. The fact that Mercury, the planet of communication, is also retrograde at the same time is NOT going to help.
However, the proverbial dung is really going to “hit the fan” for most Zodiac signs on the 15th when Saturn opposes Uranus. Saturn is going to be in the fussy and prissy sign of Virgo and Uranus is going to be in the more irrational and chaotic sign of Aquarius. There is going to be a tug between the material and the spiritual with the sad result...

More space:

2010-07-07 15:45:35 by iamconman

The Planck satellite unveiled their , which is more or less a map of the entire sky we see at night. Scientists hope to be able, from this map detailing the microwave emissions hitting earth from the Milky Way and the Universe, learn a little bit more about the Cosmic Microwave Background, providing insight into the nascent Universe. (It's a biggie of a picture.)

And after that, while you're there, check out MSNBC's always-wonderful series of photographs. My favorite from the batch: Saturn's moon Dione held aloft front-and-center of Titan. Sorry for the size of these things, but it's space. It's supposed to be...

HOROSCOPES HERE... en masse... sorry!

2001-06-20 08:18:28 by giggles

All horoscopes courtesy of jonathan canier/
(Mar 21 - Apr 20)
'Thank you for calling. If you have a touch-tone phone, you can now select the queue you wish to be placed in. Press one to spend the next hour listening to irritating music and cheesy adverts. Press two to be told, every two minutes, that your call is due to be answered shortly - and then to receive an apology every three minutes and then to be made another promise every four minutes. Press three to get straight through - to the wrong person. What's that? You want a result today? Then be careful which buttons you press.
(Apr 21 - May 21)
'Smile, you're on Candid Camera!' 'Hey. Hang on there. It was only a joke. There's no need to get angry. Put that hammer...

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