2008 Honda S2000 – SOS Kit – 461whp / 289tq – Hondata FlashPro

August 24, 2016 – 11:47 pm

The Car: 2008 Honda S2000


  • Stock F22

Performance Modifications:

  • Science of Speed Supercharger Kit
    • Upgraded to Novi 1200
    • SOS Heat Exchanger
  • J’s Racing header
  • T1R 70mm exhaust
  • 70mm test pipe

Fuel System:

  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
  • Walbro 255lph HP Intank Fuel Pump

Engine Management:

  • Hondata FlashPro Tuning

The Tuning Rundown
This car was tuned using 93 octane @ 14psi of boost.

The Dyno Video


The Dyno Graph(s)

Source: Evans Tuning Dyno Database

Another sleeper future $$ car is.......

2012-10-09 20:48:58 by ChimdelaChim

BMW 850 V12 6 Speed Coupe.1st street V12 6 spd manual ever. Properly known by many as one of the most unique and timeless cars ever produced,arguably the most beautiful BMW ever made. The top examples of original surviving low mile BMW 8 series are getting attention as a collectible and as valuable as the top examples of 60s muscle cars and similar in the near future. It’s most certainly a far more worthy car than some of the mentioned. Whatever the case or opinions, few will argue that the BMW 8 series is a timeless car yet to be matched in style and looks by just about anything made since. One thing I have learned watching cars progress since this car was new; Although there are really nice improvements in technology, you will never see the workmanship quality put into any car any...

Dbx had a good point at the end

2004-06-15 11:22:50 by Industrialeca

But not about the hatchback. The hatchback C is the only mercedes I'd consider buying (well, I can't afford SLK, SL or SLR), because of its different and nice design. It also makes great sense in dense traffic areas. It's also as sporty as a mercedes you can get if you're not getting one of the SL* above...
That just shows the quite a different look over things.
Then about pissbeard...
As for "The problem with some of the euro makes is that they tried to compete with the japanese luxury makes like acura and lexsus", the opposite is more true. It's the japanese brands that copy everything from BMW and make (nearly) every japanese car look bland and luxury-european-lookalike. If every BMW was crap in quality, then why are all asians burning hot to have a bimmmer? Why...

I have a Mercedes in here, maybe you can

2010-09-23 20:14:58 by electrickytech

Fill me in. It's a 79 280? SL, it's a greey market car, it's an inline six. I don't know jack fucking shit about Benz, nada. So I only know about twice what most know, lol.
It's got a stopped up strainer in the tank, and the tank is between the seat and trunk. I can't figure out how I'm supposed to remove the plastic evap tank above it, under the package shelf more or less, less actually, but where it would be if there was a package shelf which this had ...hell let me go look. WAS i CLEAR?
I see the tank is flange mounted kinda like an old VW, two bolts on each side as far as I can see. It appears I have to get this plastic container out first and I can't see a thing holding it on from the trunk side.
This is my lawyer's car or it wouldn't be here, he's eccentric...

I don't like to feel every tar strip in the seat

2010-09-23 17:56:47 by electrickytech

I had some on an early Capri, it had the German 2.6 and was one sweet ride. I had larger sway bars and KYBs on it. I put some race car lead ballest in the trunk and it rode so much better. I've run into the same thing with trucks, man they fuck up the shocks for the back of theose things. I grabbed some originals my friend trashed in favor of some Rancho kidney killers. You could shove the old oems down so easy it wasn't funny, they felt broke, but the rebound was very controlled. I but them on my old truck and it rode great. I later put new Delcos on it and it was like a log wagon, I put the old originals back on.
I had KYB on the back of my Supra for about a week and put the originals back on after replaceing a bushing in the bottom. Mostly I find fault with the backs on light...

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