Porsche Boxster

February 24, 2013 – 04:22 am
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With regards to driving thrills, the Porsche Boxster is one of the most effective vehicles offered at any price – and if you buy second-hand, you could pick 1 up for only £10, 000.

That’s correct; for the price of a new Kia Rio, you might have a slice of motoring heaven on your driveway, safe in the know-how which you won’t shed your shirt after you come to sell it on. But just before you get as well excited, here’s every-thing you will need to know regarding the Stuttgart firm’s entry-level supplying.

Gearboxes – If you’re shopping for a Tiptronic version, make sure that all adjustments are smooth.Welcome to purchase Fake gucci shirt, which one you like. Issues usually are not unheard of, and they may be pricey to put suitable. Also, watch out for manuals which happen to be made use of in built-up locations – long clutch life isn’t a Boxster trademark.

Coolant – Check these are up to the needed mark and that the anti-freeze level has been maintained. If either of these is allowed to drop, the engine can overheat – and in case you are unlucky, it can be destroyed in the procedure.

Hood – All examples which had been constructed prior to 2002 function a plastic rear window in the soft-top, which can scratch and turn opaque. It is best to test the hood operation and check the back screen. Later models possess a heated glass unit which is a lot better.

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They are horrible

2010-12-15 12:04:50 by crazee_unchained

And they all look the same, the 911, 911 Turbo, Boxster,
Even the old 928, 924, 930, 944.. they all looked the same at the time. And they look pretty much the same as the "new" ones now.
Porsche was started by Ferdinand Porsche. Same guy started Volkswagon. Hitler asked him to make a "people's car" so Porsche made the Volkswagon (german for "people's car"). Funy trivia, it was almost Stalin's "people's car". Stalin was pitching Porsche on the idea as well but Porsche turned him down.
Anyway, as a result of their history, similar looks and build quality, I see Porsches and Volkswagons as basically the same cars. Both are shitty little cars.
If you are driving a 911, you might as well drive a Passat or Beetle. Looks the same to me.

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