Daihatsu Copen

January 13, 2016 – 08:36 pm

First impressions
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According to some, it seems all the little Daihatsu Copen’s got going for it is the ability to make big blokes looks daft. Despite an enthusiastic chassis and a turbocharger, the original version of this miniature coupé-convertible – which arrived in the UK in 2004 – has been consigned to status as a second-rate fashion accessory for the girl about town. I say second-rate guardedly but let’s face it, the Daihatsu badge doesn’t have the strongest image appeal. The 660cc capacity of its original engine wasn’t exactly macho, either – if in keeping with the diddy dimensions that make it an authentic micro-sized ‘Kei-car’ in its Japanese homeland.
Pricing and spec for the Daihatsu Copen
Kei-car rules govern the external dimensions, engine size and power output. However, for 2007 Daihatsu has said to hell with the restrictions and shoehorned a 1.3-litre engine under the Copen’s tiny bonnet. Featuring Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT), this not only considerably improves performance, but

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Nissan has changed ALOT since '99

2005-08-06 07:54:43 by blodisnut

When brazilian Carlos Gnosen took over the helm.
Since 99, every car in the lineup has changed.
The old frontier trucks, well, I will admit had some faults. Biggest one was the engine.
It was a good reliable engine, but it was old fashioned as far as Nissan Goes..
Sure you could get it supercharged.. That is always a plus... But it was a timing belt engine, while the VQ (that is been in the Maxima for over 10 years, and has been on the wards best engine list for as many) was left out of the Frontier.
This year, they redid the VQ to have an output of 4.0 liters, and put it in the Xterra and the Frontier.
The new frontiers are much better looking now, and now that they have the famous engine available, well, if there is still a 7500 price difference,...

People in this country are miserable

2004-03-06 19:17:58 by NL252

Just a thought from things I have recently observed. Could it be that the consumer is buying only because they hate their lives?
Think about it. How many people do you know that are actually happy doing their job? Happy at home? two weeks vacations and 60 hour work weeks? Hellish commutes? Personally I can't think of one person.
The only thing that makes most people happy these days is shopping, buying a home or car that they really can't afford, or fictitous overpriced entertainment.
I have cut down considerably on my phone calls to most of my family and friends because I get tired of listening to all the whining about ridiculous things. My coworkers constantly complain about how underpaid they are, but apparantely have no problem driving around in a new BMW or...

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BMW Unveils Z4 GTE at Daytona  — The Epoch Times
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