6 Facts about me

October 7, 2015 – 07:46 pm
2007 Honda S2 rear view SEV recently tagged me. Although in my opinion, tagging is utterly useless and a total wastage of bandwidth, I liked the idea of writing few things about myself. It's something I believe I am better at. So here are six random things about myself.
1) I am an arrogant, cynical, male chauvinist (I know people who will vouch for that). And I like it that way.
2) Ironically, I am also a very nice person (the SAME set of people will vouch for this).
3) In my opinion, out of 6 billion people on earth, 5.9 billion are living a pointless life. And if we kill these 5.9 billion, lives of rest 0.1 billion will become (mostly) pointless. As a corollary, I am still searching for purpose in my life (hence the blog name).
4) At night I think about things I should be least bothered about and then wonder why am I an insomniac.
5) My hidden dream is drive Dodge Viper Convertible at its top speed, jump over a cliff and do the Vin Diesel's XXX Chevy Corvette stunt.
6) I am a total atheist and no, I do not think I am god.
After writing this, I just realized one possible use of tagging. Tagging creates hyper links between pages. If through transitivity you get connected to some bigshot, page-rank of you blog will go up. Which in turn will increase probability

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Performance vehicle? (Japanese vs European)

2009-01-02 17:24:56 by RaDeuX

Now I'm sure there are people out there that have domestics and say "What about our cars?" Well frankly I'm not very convinced that domestics can turn very well. That being said, I'm no drift junkie.
So my current vehicle is a 2000 Acura Integra and I hate it. The engine sucks, the whole car is heavy, wrong wheel drive, etc etc. Therefore I'm looking for a car that is more capable all-around in terms of performance. The cars I'm looking at right now are these... (sorted from most to least wanted)
Datsun 240Z
Mazda Miata
Toyota MR2 Spyder
Honda S2000
BMW M3 (older series because I'm not rich)
The reason why the S2000 and M3 are on the bottom is...

Nissan has changed ALOT since '99

2005-08-06 07:54:43 by blodisnut

When brazilian Carlos Gnosen took over the helm.
Since 99, every car in the lineup has changed.
The old frontier trucks, well, I will admit had some faults. Biggest one was the engine.
It was a good reliable engine, but it was old fashioned as far as Nissan Goes..
Sure you could get it supercharged.. That is always a plus... But it was a timing belt engine, while the VQ (that is been in the Maxima for over 10 years, and has been on the wards best engine list for as many) was left out of the Frontier.
This year, they redid the VQ to have an output of 4.0 liters, and put it in the Xterra and the Frontier.
The new frontiers are much better looking now, and now that they have the famous engine available, well, if there is still a 7500 price difference,...

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