Buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse online using

March 16, 2011 – 06:09 pm
2011 Morgan Roadster After searching for a car on eBay motors, I came across a great deal for a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 49K miles, in great condition, and still under Mitsubishi warranty (100K bumper to bumper). The listing was extremely detailed, describing every modification, and/or repair done to the vehicle. In the listing, the seller claimed to have Cancer and said the bills were piling up. He also stated he was selling the car priced to sell fast with a Relatively low Buy-It Now. I called the owner. He told me that I can drop by on weekends to pick it up, but I need to pay $2, 000 as a deposit. Judging by his voice, I assumed that he was an old guy. I said to myself that is was impossible to get scammed by an elderly man with cancer. At that time, I did not know how wrong I was. After sending the deposit the man just vanished. I could not reach him in any way. His phone was off, his home address pointed on an abandoned storage facility.
After this "situation" one of my work buddies recommended I was back to square one, but this time I was decided to do things in a right manner. A week later, I won an auction for another Eclipse. I got the same story from the seller, deposit needed etc… I told him that I will deposit the entire amount

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Good/bad used car dealerships in the IE area.

2007-06-13 14:44:29 by chameleo_anglicus

I'm looking to buy a newer-than-2001 used car for 10-13k* at the end of July near to Pomona/Claremont, CA. I'm happy to go further afield to buy, but the nearer the better.
Does anyone have (or know of) any good / bad experiences with a particular dealership? Reputations of said dealers?
Bonus if you or someone you know bought a car in the last 3 months and had a good (or bad) interaction with a particular salesman / F&I office / post-dealer experience.
After I test drive the car, I'd like to get it examined by a mechanic to make sure it's kosher. Suggestions in the Pomona / Claremont / inland-empire areas? What's the going rate for an examination? Any joy in persuading/not persuading dealers to let you have the car examined?
Any other advice on buying a used car...

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