16:9 screen with MK4: Intermittent Radio possible DSP Amp?

November 23, 2017 – 05:49 am
Sighting: 2-2003 BMW Z8 I seem to be having an issue with my radio/audio. I have the 16:9 screen and MK4 nav unit. At first I had intermittent radio/audio issues, where the radio/audio would not even turn on at all. And I would just unplug the battery for about 1-2 hours and the radio/audio would return. Then (very quickly) it started to get progressively worse, and now the radio/audio does not even work. And it is not just the "radio" it is all audio, even the navigation directions. That is why I am thinking maybe my DSP amp is going bad?
All other fuctions on the screen and nav unit work. I even plugged my MK4 nav into my 745i and it worked great in that so that leads me to believe my MK4 is functioning correctly.
Any ideas? Thanks!

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BMW convertible tops

2009-07-16 07:56:59 by uphguy

I work on all BMW convertible top from a E30 to a Z8,each model has a little different issue to deal with and I can help. My latest find is how little owners and repair shops know about the Top drains on the Z4,it has a drain on both sides and can very easily clouge with leaves and debris.If left uncheck it will fillup around top hydroelectric motor and leak in semi sealed case and ruin it.It can be prevented during a service while car is lifted.A air blower from under car can dislodge the debris from drain holes, put top down first and watch it come out.Dan 650 740 5969

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