Red Megaphone

May 10, 2013 – 10:33 pm

While browsing YouTube, I came across a few videos by Red Megaphone , a Tokyo based restoration vintage car dealer/cafe. I checked out some of Red Megaphone's cars at the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show in '06 and they offer a nice combination of both tuned street cars like the kenmeri pictured above, and cars fully restored to original condition. The videos show off several models they have for sale, letting potential buyers (or dreamers like me) hear the engines run and see the cars inside and out. These cars are fully restored and are in beautiful shape. I should be going to check out Red Megaphone's shop early next year so keep an eye out for it. Until then, check out these videos. Listen to the sound of 3 liter L series in the silver kenmeri, it's amazing!

In order they are:

Hakosuka GTR Clone

Full Tuned Kenmeri


Honda S600

Source: Auto Otaku: Mike G's Blog

Sanei-shobo HONDA S800 RACERS (Japan Import)
Book (Sanei-shobo)

Alfa Club

2002-08-06 20:07:11 by AR164LS

Check out for the Alfa Romeo Association. Lots of cool drives, rallies, stuff like that.
BTW -- my roomie is looking for a Spider...what are you thinking of selling yours for?

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