BaT Success Story: 1962 VW Beetle Off to Scotland

February 8, 2013 – 07:20 am
For sale (Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro, Honda S800)

This just in from the seller of the matched set of BaT Exclusive 1962 VW Beetles that we featured in December:

“Hi BaT,
Here are some photos of one of the pair of ’62 VW Beetles that you featured in December. I had several good inquiries from the listing, with the majority of interest being in the stock version. The car was sold to a collector in Scotland and was picked up this morning.  Here are some pictures of the load up and it’s ship mate….  another VW traveling to the same final destination!

Thanks for delivering a buyer. It’s been said before, but BaT works!
Dave M.
Sioux City, IA”

Nice going, Dave. We are glad it worked. Thanks for the pics and for using our service. -BaT

Source: The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer

Alfa Club

2002-08-06 20:07:11 by AR164LS

Check out for the Alfa Romeo Association. Lots of cool drives, rallies, stuff like that.
BTW -- my roomie is looking for a Spider...what are you thinking of selling yours for?

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