Cleanest Around: 1973 Opel GT

February 3, 2013 – 06:34 am
Lancia Aurelia B24 convertible

This 1973 Opel GT looks to be one of the finest examples we have seen for sale in quite some time. The seller states it has only 31k original miles and is all original except for paint, which is said to be a high-quality job done 3 years ago. Find it for sale here on eBay in Marietta, Georgia.

The paint looks to have great depth in the photos, and compared to the 1970s gold and orange these came in, the medium yellow color works quite well. There is some overspray around the tail pipes, but otherwise this job looks pretty solid, and we applaud the seller including underbody photos.

Inside, the original wood steering wheel is intact, and the dash looks to be free of cracks. The overall condition of the interior is impressive – both seats almost look as though they’re fresh from the showroom. The small lever forward of the shifter is actually the control to operate the GT’s unique flip-over headlights.

Source: The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer

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Fiat spider

2005-12-21 07:27:38 by tomyippie

Nice car but you need to change the timing belt with a new tensioner. the other deal is rust, plus the lower A- frame mount cracks alot. the brakes are easy to work on the rotors are cheap to replace as they use the same parts for other models the carb is a two barrel down draft weber and you can remove the choke plate from the second barrel for more airflow. the motors are interference fit, that means if you jump the timing belt or break it you blow the motor all to hell. valve adjustment is a bitch as they use shims between the camshafts and valve,but not hard if you have the right tools. the rear control arms rust out and the bushings get cracked, I dont car what other folks think about them these are nice fast good handling cars, sorta like a poor mans

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