Designed by Pininfarina and Bertone, powered by Ferrari, what’s not to love about the Fiat Dino?

March 21, 2014 – 05:30 pm

In the mid 1950s,Ferrari produced a stunning little V6 engine in order to compete in Formula 2 racing,designed by Vittorio Jano and Enzo Ferrari’s son,Dino.

Sadly,in 1956,soon after the engine’s creation,Dino Ferrari passed away.  In remembrance,Ferrari thereafter named all cars fitted with this V6 engine “Dino”.

Almost ten years later,there was a change in the rules of Formula 2 racing,requiring the engines of the cars taking part in this class to have a production run of at least five hundred in order for it to be homologated.

The 2 litre Fiat Dino engine.

At the time Ferrari felt that they were unable to produce and sell a series of cars with this engine,but wanted to continue participating in Formula 2. So,Ferrari approached Fiat with a proposition to build a series of cars utilising the V6 Dino engine. The idea was that Ferrari and Fiat would produce their own cars under the new marque of Dino. These cars were originally not going to bear the badges of their respective parents,and indeed the Ferrari produced 206s all left the factory without the famous prancing pony. However,Fiat felt their other production cars would benefit from the association,and their cars retained the Fiat badge.

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Replacing soft top?

2002-08-22 11:48:22 by slashed

Anyone have experience of replacing on their own, the soft top on an alfa romeo spider.

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