Fiat 124 sport spider

February 14, 2013 – 05:51 am
nieruchomy zabytek

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AUTOart Fiat 124 Spyder - Black 1:18 (japan import)
Toy (AUTOart)
  • Size : 33 x 17.2 x 14.2 cm

My favorite car was a 67 Sunbeam Alpine

2006-08-23 10:50:30 by autotek

Got it in 68 with 12kmi.I put an Abarth exhaust onit.It had a hardtop for the winter and was warm and dry.In the spring I would take it off and drive with a tonneau cover so only the drivers area was open with the top down.The heater on full blast and I was comfortable.I put in a Blaupunkt AM/FM which was a bog deal back then.I has a bookshelf speaker for the rear seat.I would tune the radio in FM between stations and it would pick up the ignition system.I would accelerate with just the front speaker then at 4krpm turn on the rear speaker.It sounded like a jet taking off,especialy when I was stoned.

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