More Bent Then Me Mate Robbie (& Ade) 22/11/06

December 28, 2013 – 07:21 pm
Things have taken a slight move backwards.In fact quite a massive move backwards. The tub that I managed to source has been put together so badly that it's well and truly screwed.
The body is lower on one side then the other and the whole thing appears to be too thin!My bootlid was hanging over the side when I tried to fit it and even the hood frame can ony just be squeezed in!It's a whole inch out on one side!
I've tried to locate the source of the problem,but it appears to be multitude of panels that have been welded togther in order to fit it's original bootlid and fit on what I would imagine is a twisted chassis.Bottom line is that it can't be used.That's more then a few quid down the drain then!
I've had a good look at my original current tub and although the panels have been severley patched over the years,I'm convinced that they are the original panels,just due to the way they are fitted,the way they are welded and the age old extras that they have installed.
In view of this my decision is now to repair the original panels where I can & where

Source: 1954 Long Door Triumph TR2

Seiko Seiko Kinetic Capacitor 3023-5MZ
Watch (Seiko)
  • Seiko Kinetic Battery for 5M42, 5M43, 5M22, 5M23
  • New Lithium-Ion Model
  • Self-Winding; charged while wearing watch
  • Watch caliber can be found on the back of watch

Garrett Morgan, Inventor... More Black History

2002-02-13 14:42:31 by Niyabhingi

Garrett Augustus Morgan was born on March 4, 1877, in Paris, Kentucky. He was the seventh of eleven children. His parents were former slaves. Like the majority of children at the time, he spent his early childhood working with his brothers and sisters on the family farm. His formal education stopped at the 6th grade. He left the farm as a teenager and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in search of new opportunities. He found such an opportunity and in 1895 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio. He went to work as a sewing machine repair man for a clothing manufacturer. While attempting to repair a sewing machine he created and patented the first chemical hair straightener! He excelled at his job and news of his excellent work led to many job offers.
In 1907, he started his own firm repairing sewing...

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