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The SYM Symba has a 101cc engine that accelerates it to 35-40mph very nicely. you can easily get it up to 55 on a flat road, and I’ve even hit 65 going downhill. however, hills pose a bit of a challenge to the motor and the bike is only able to push me at a constant 45mph on a nice sized incline … so beware of that. on normal city / neighborhood streets where the speed limit doesn’t get over 40, the Symba has no problem keeping up (and even passing) traffic. I’ve had the bike on the freeway twice, and only for short distances – but it kept up with traffic (after it got up to speed … which can take a few seconds). I wouldn’t recommend riding this scooter on the freeway though … only if you must and only for short distances. Stick to the side roads.

Storage on the Symba sucks … as in there is none. Absolutely zero. There is a helmet lock on the left side of the bike, but its a chore getting a full face helmet to lock onto it. however, I was able to fit my old sport bike saddlebags on t

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Nearing Midnight!

2012-04-23 05:34:32 by oldhaymaker3

Apr 23, 2012
The Liberal Media Pulling Hard for Obama
I've had to stop monitoring several media outlets for health reasons. The liberal media has become so biased in its news coverage that my blood pressure goes up every time I watch it butcher the truth. I've been a prophecy watcher for over 30 years, and I've never seen a point where the press was so open about its leftist agenda.
The top priority of the liberal media is to help get President Obama reelected. I'm already seeing a return of the messiah-like slant the press used to glorify Obama in the 2008 race. MSNBC's Chris Matthews recently asked this question on his Hardball program: "Is there going to be a reluctance on the part of the voters and the political community that talks politics as we get into...

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