Sell in europe Triumph TR2July 2, 2014 – 10:54 am

Sell in europe Triumph TR2

International Triumph Show. Moss will NOT be attending the 2013 International Triumph Show at. One of the finest sports exhausts available for TR2-4. Triumph TR2 reg 1955 build date November 1954, chassis running gear mechanics. Triumph TR250 1968 LHD I sold this Triumph TR to a very charming gentleman.

Buy in europe Triumph TR6July 1, 2014 – 10:47 am

Buy in europe Triumph TR6

Even though many of them are now working on hybrids, European automakers’ longstanding response to gasoline-electric vehicles—long championed by Japanese companies—has been to first scoff and then to point to their robust lineups of fuel-efficient diesel powertrains. Of course, diesels represent about 50 percent of the market in Europe, but they have never been offered widely in America. Fluctuating fuel prices are slowly beginning to change that…

All about Jaguar XK 150June 29, 2014 – 10:31 am

All about Jaguar XK 150

This 1947 Jaguar 1.5L Saloon is a project that the seller says hasn’t run in 15 years and has a Mazda rotary engine installed. The seller seems like a good guy who just doesn’t have the Jag experience to take on such a project, but it doesn’t sound as if he was the Rotary swapper. Find it somewhat out of place here on (which unfortunately requires registration for viewing) in Albuquerque , New Mexico for $15k, with many more pics in his…

Speed drive Lotus SevenJune 23, 2014 – 09:54 am

Speed drive Lotus Seven

The Lotus Seven is a small, simple, lightweight two-seater open-top sports car produced by. It was found to have a top speed of 80.4 mph (129.4 km/h).

Buying Jaguar XK 150May 25, 2014 – 05:55 am

Buying Jaguar XK 150

Jaguar is recognized for its cars that have been crafted with graceful design coupled having a exceptional and superb efficiency. A single from the autos that operate under this brand is the Jaguar XK 150. And this car or truck is a roadster as well as continues to be created with various versions like the fixed coupe and the drophead coupe. The roadster version, nevertheless, appeared ten months following the introduction on the other two. As per…

Drive Sunbeam AlpineMay 24, 2014 – 05:51 am

Drive Sunbeam Alpine

Glamorous and interesting cars have always added to the pace, action and the sense of location of TV as well as being a succinct way of communicating the personality of the character driving the cars on screen. Nobody understood this better than ITC. This company, headed by the late Lord Grade, produced easily the most memorable action series of the sixties and seventies. It is best known for The Saint – featuring Roger Moore and the white Volvo P1800…

Repair Jaguar S.S.100May 16, 2014 – 03:48 am

Repair Jaguar S.S.100

The SYM Symba has a 101cc eng ine that accelera tes it to 35-40mph very nicely. you can easily get it u p to 55 on a flat road, and I’ve ev en hit 65 going downhill. however, hi lls pose a bit of a challenge to the motor and the bike is only able to push me at a constant 45mph on a nice sized incline … so bew are of that. on normal city / neighborhood streets wh ere the speed limit doesn’t get ov er 40, the Symba has no problem keeping up (and even…

More about Jaguar S.S.100May 14, 2014 – 03:32 am

More about Jaguar S.S.100

These guys are FUNNY! Really get their point across with humor. Saw them at the protest in SF on the 24th of Sept. Below is the email: Hello gang, I went with two other friends to the Rove house Saturday around 12:30 pm. Turning off our cell phones early and removing their batteries, we parked 3 blocks away, not wanting to alert his goons to our presence. We dawned over sized Bush, Cheney, and Condi Rice masks. We also had three large signs. Amazingly…

Sell in europe Riley Brooklands NineMay 4, 2014 – 01:53 am

Sell in europe Riley Brooklands Nine

Once again, Graeme Rice looks back on the motoring worlds of 100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago March 1913 Peugeot were the first to fit their GP cars with single nut wheels with ears on the nuts so they could be knocked off quickly with a hammer – ‘knock–on’ or ‘knock–off’ hubcaps. For 1913 the Peugeot Grand Prix engine had been reduced from 7.6-litres to 5655cc but still retained the advanced features of the 1912 engine, four valves per cylinder actuated…

Buy in USA Lotus SevenApril 28, 2014 – 12:20 am

Buy in USA Lotus Seven

Can someone list all the companies that make Lotus 7-type cars and knock-offs available in the US? Whether kit cars or delivered assembled? Thanks.