Refurbishment of an MG TC Grille

August 7, 2014 – 04:57 pm

The grille on TC4332 was in poor condition with the slats bent and rusted particularly at their connection with the upper and lower cross bars. The outer slats that connected directly to the radiator shell were broken,probably due to mistreatment in the past. The lower cross bar had broken across one side of the central hole. It was decided to restore the grill. The slats are of rivetted construction with 1/8″ brass rivets securing them to the upper and lower cross bars. The cross bars,the two central slats,and the two outer slats are connected directly to the radiator shell. The slats appear to have a slight concave radius,can anyone confirm this?

To start,the slat rivets were carefully drilled out; I say carefully since the metal slats are very thin being 20 swg (0.91mm) and it is possible to enlarge the rivet holes. The slats are folded with a long edge and a shorter edge to an included angle of about 30 degrees,the longer edge being about 11/16″,the shorter edge about 1/4″. The slats shorter edge are cut 1/2″ in from each end,bent almost flush (in line with) with the longer side and drilled to accept the rivet or the radiator shell fixing.

The slats were cleaned with a wire mop in an electric drill,it was not possible to clean inside the included 30 degree angle,this can be solved however by sawing a piece of wood to an angle of 30 degrees,wrapping it in a medium emery paper,securing it in the vice and rubbing the slats along it.

Source: Totally T-Type 2

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Grow a Garden Of Cultus Arborum

2011-11-21 22:27:45 by -

The Rosicrucians used a garland of roses to signify the same spiritual vortices, which are referred to in the Bible as the seven lamps of the candlestick and the seven churches of Asia. In the 1642 edition of Sir Francis Bacon's History of Henry the Seventh is a frontispiece showing Lord Bacon with Rosicrucian roses for shoe buckles.
In the Hindu system of philosophy, each petal of the lotus bears a certain symbol which gives an added clue to the meaning of the flower. The Orientals also used the lotus plant to signify the growth of man through the three periods of human consciousness--ignorance, endeavor, and understanding. As the lotus exists in three elements (earth, water, and air) so man lives in three worlds--material, intellectual, and spiritual. As the plant, with its...

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